A Tiny Podcasting Technique Turning Basic Info into Irresistible Moments

We believe great podcasts do so much more than just entertain, distract, or even inform. They do more than help us. They change us. As showrunners, our listeners will invest hours into our podcasts, and we have the opportunity to say something matters, to make a difference, and to shift the culture — however broad or narrow a culture we are exploring and improving.

To do this, however, we can’t pander. We can’t merely hand out whatever it is the audience is already asking for, whatever it is they want. Instead, we have to get comfortable delivering what they NEED. But to deliver what they need — in the moment, or across a whole episode or show — we first need to strike a delicate balance. To deliver what they NEED, it has to come inside something they WANT.

Few shows do this as well as The Nod, from Gimlet Media. Today, in our quarantine-approved “Clipped” series, we look at a tiny moment and technique where host Eric Eddings delivers on this nuanced, difficult idea.


All episodes of The Nod can be found here: gimletmedia.com/shows/the-nod

Clips played in this episode can be found on the episode of the show called “Why We’re Watching Watchmen,” found at gimletmedia.com/shows/the-nod/o2h…watching-watchmen

Follow The Nod on Twitter at twitter.com/thenodshow or cohosts Eric Eddings and Brittany Luse at twitter.com/eeddings and twitter.com/bmluse

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