Bonus Episode: 10% Happier’s Show Development Process (ft. Jen Poyant and Nate Tobey)

3 Clips Podcast by Castos
3 Clips Podcast by Castos
Bonus Episode: 10% Happier's Show Development Process (ft. Jen Poyant and Nate Tobey)

Go inside a private, live call from our last podcast workshops, featuring the process of two podcast veterans creating an ambitious network of shows for the brand 10% Happier.

What do folks from public radio learn about show development that the rest of us don’t understand? How do some of the top shows in the world START? What techniques, processes, or mental heuristics do professional showrunners use to ensure that they’re developing strong show premises and IP — not just “yet another” podcast about the same topics as their competitors?

Today, we go inside a live call from our latest podcast workshops, and we hear from Nate Tobey and Jen Poyant.

Nate Tobey (formerly of APMG and WGBH) is the director of content at 10% Happier, and Jen Poyant (former WNYC producer and co-founder of Stable Genius Productions) is their Executive Producer.

10% Happier is a mindfulness and meditation tech company, co-founded by ABC News and Good Morning America anchor Dan Harris, and on the back of Harris’s very popular podcast (also called 10% Happier), the company decided to create a slate of shows.

On the call, Jay interviews Nate and Jen, with students chiming in near the end.


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