Resilient Retail: Shopify’s Latest Big Bet on Podcasting & the Subtle Art of the Interview (ft. Kristen LaFrance)

3 Clips Podcast by Castos
3 Clips Podcast by Castos
Resilient Retail: Shopify's Latest Big Bet on Podcasting & the Subtle Art of the Interview (ft. Kristen LaFrance)

Kristen LaFrance is the head and host of the podcast Resilient Retail, for ecommerce tech giant Shopify. Kristen is a self-taught podcaster who got her start by launching and hosting the show Playing for Keeps for her at her former employer, Churnbuster.

Kristen shares thoughtful insights into how she preps for and conducts interviews that specifically serve the needs of her listeners. She also talks about how she navigated rising to the occasion when the stakes got high: Kristen was told just days into her new job at Shopify that she’d be taking over the podcast hosting duties from Harley Finklestein, the company’s president. And then she learned that he’d be her first interview guest for the show. Talk about pressure! 

A key component to Kristen’s, and by extension the show’s, success is how much thought went into developing the show’s premise. Also critical is that Kristen has a deep understanding of the retail world and she is actively involved in the community she serves. In other words, she knows who her audience is and the type of information they will benefit from, and then she goes and gets it. 

Resilient Retail launched in October of 2020 and is a twice-weekly interview show that focuses on the world of retail, with a particular focus on serving small business owners trying to figure out the online space. Resilient Retail also has a YouTube channel and a robust five-year growth plan that extends far beyond the podcast. 

Please join 3 Clips host and Marketing Showrunners founder Jay Acunzo as he talks with Kristen about all that she has learned and how she’s applying that to create just the right kind of interview show that will serve her growing audience.


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